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I will help you ...

Move Better 
Live Better
Perform Better

Are you tired of nagging discomfort or pain?

Are you frustrated giving up the things you enjoy doing?

Would you like to perform better?
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 The Movement Performance Center (MPC) exists to help people improve how they move and thereby improve how they live and perform. ..
 People seek our evaluations, treatment and/ or training for several reasons
. . . . . . .
 But the number one reason people seek us out is our reputation for getting you well and keeping you well. 
We don’t just get rid of your pain. We get you back to living. 
We get you back to performing. We get you back to doing the things you enjoy doing and the things you enjoy doing 
extremely well. 

At MPC we teach you movement patterns that will foster keeping you healthy for a lifetime, 
not just a season.

We accomplish this by treating the cause of your pain, 
not just the site of your pain. 
How your muscles and joints perform in isolation is important, 
but equally important is how they perform when you're moving and when forces are increased. 
. . . . . . .
What is the point of just rehabbing a knee if it became injured due to lack of motion in your hips? 

Most people rehab only THE INJURED PART until they are asymptomatic.. OR THE PAIN IS TOLERABLE…
not until they are healthy!

 Asymptomatic is not the same as well!

 Our integrated approach to training ensures
 you are moving well throughout your entire body and this sets us apart from many programs. 

 It has been said that while 
"Tissues heal, the brain remembers."   
When your pain is gone,  faulty movement
 patterns often remain and these MUST be
 addressed !  

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Find out how our MSTS10 
program can help you!
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Optimal Performance Training
Injury Prevention
We keep you in the game

We get you back in the game

Peak Performance
We help you play the game better

Geared toward injury prevention,
optimal performance and 
rehabilitation  of dedicated
athletes and musicians
and other performing artists

Life Performance Training
Feel Better
We ease your pain

Move Better
We improve movement patterns

Live Better
We get you back to enjoying life

Healthy movement for individuals or 
groups who want to improve the quality
of their lives by improving how they
move during self-care, activities
of daily living and recreational pursuits

Work Performance Training
Feel Better
We treat work related  injuries and disorders

Move Better
We reduce /eliminate pain with work tasks 

Perform Better
We help productivity  and job satisfaction go up 
when pain goes down

We evaluate and treat work
related injuries and 
computer related disorders

 Hello and welcome to my website!
My name is Carol Cantello  OTR/L, Sr. Fellow BCB. 

We have three programs geared to meet your individual needs
            Resiliency... Rehabilitation... Performance Training
                          Traditional Rehab. + MORE                                             
Click on any program to find out more
Are you looking for the answers to why you
have chronic nagging injuries or pain?

Would you like to know how to improve your performance?

Are you tired of plateau's in training or constantly stretching the same muscles?

Look no further!
We have what you are looking for!

Efficient healthy movement distributes forces between muscle, bones, joints, ligaments.

Faulty movement  increases the load excessively to one or more areas and increases the likelihood for

MSTST10 helps you move efficiently!

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