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Why Choose 
The Movement Performance Center?

Please consider the following 10 points  and when you're eager to move, live and perform better please contact us!

1. You can’t change what you don’t know!
  Do you know your strengths and limitations?
​2. Your movement is either making you
    better or worse.

3. The site of your pain...
    isn't always the source of it.

4. The foundation for healthy movement is adequate
    joint mobility, stability and proper timing of
    muscular activity.   You need ALL three.
7. You can’t superimpose increases in intensity,     
   frequency or resistance nor sport specific skills     on faulty movement with a good outcome. 

6. Efficient healthy movement distributes forces   
    between muscle, bones, joints, ligaments; 
   while faulty movement usually increases the
   load excessively to one or more areas.
5. Resting doesn't change your movement pattern.
    If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep
   getting the same outcome.. Your pain will return         
   as soon as you load the system again.

​8. The posture you rest, work or study in is as    
    important as your training.
9. Coaches, athletic trainers etc. are supposed to
   be working with athletes with healthy movement      
    patterns, not faulty ones. 

10. Everybody can learn to move better, live better
     and  perform better.

Are you looking for the answers to why you have chronic nagging injuries?

Would you like to know how to improve your performance?

Look no further..we have what you are looking for!

Do your joints have adequate motion?

Do your joints provide adequate stability?

Do your muscles turn on/off at the right time? at the right intensity?