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If you want to be pain free or successful to the 10th power
than you need healthy movement.
Healthy movement requires an adequate amount of 
joint mobility, stability and neuromuscular timing.
You can not trade off having a ton more of one for another. 
You must have an adequate amount of  all three.
Many folks think if they just train harder and longer their performance
 or life will improve. Some also think just resting their body will solve it.
The fact is you need to move differently. 

Hitting the weight room or  eliminating the activity temporarily won’t help a mobility, stability or a timing problem. 

In fact,  loading  a body with faulty movement patterns with more weight is more like training for injury, not performance enhancement.
You can  super-impose higher level skills on a poor movement foundation, just not for  long. The joint, muscle or tendon that is overloaded will eventually fail.

At MPC we  don't  "band-aid" you by just making  you asymptomatic. We treat the cause of your pain, not just  the site of it.

We foster movement that keeps you healthy for a lifetime, 
not just to get you through a season.

Efficient movement requires adequate joint 
mobility and stability as well as accurate timing of muscular activity.

Simplified...During movement parts of the body are meant to stabilize… 
Other parts are meant to mobilize…

If either is deficient, the body WILL compensate.

 When a “mobilizer” steps up to stabilize and a “stabilizer” tries to mobilize…..the body does not run efficiently. Inefficient machines breakdown.

For example., if your hips are too tight,
your low back or knees may become too loose.

Or if you knee is too loose your hips may tighten up to increase stability.

Imagine racing your car out of alignment. While it runs, it is not efficient and it will not win the race. Too much energy is being diverted to steering and loss of speed is the result. If you keep driving that way for long it will cost you more..like ball joints and tires. Your body is similar.

You can force your body to move inefficiently and just fight through pain; but  you will not be as successful as another body that has healthy movement.  And it will cost you. You will break down too!

Do you have adequate mobility, stability and timing for your lifestyle?
Contact us today and find out.

Are you tired of chronic nagging injuries like Achilles tendinitis, hamstring strains, back pain, shoulder pain, knee injuries, etc.?

Are you tired of being stuck with  plateau's
in training?

Do you want to live or perform better?

MSTS 10 is our equation for successful movement.


Efficient movement is fluid and seemingly effortless.  
It requires MSTS10