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Our performing artists program is part of our OPT program...It is designed for those who look to excel at what they do and spend a lot of dedicated time to practicing and performing their sport or craft.

So how are performing artists like athletes?

Just like athlete’s musicians:

Practice or perform almost everyday
Play through pain
Compete in challenging environments
Experience little “off” season
Face extreme competition
Face real risk of career ending injury

UNLIKE athletes performing artists rarely have access to injury prevention training or competition guidelines afforded to sport athletes. In sports, there are more and more guidelines regarding the amount of time spent in practice or performing. For Instance, there are limits on balls pitched per day based on your age. The NCAA limits collegiate athletes to 20 hours of training a week.

    I am on a mission to educate, empower and alter the beliefs  
         about pain in the music and performing arts' culture
     as well as alter the movement patterns that perpetuate it.  

A common belief among musicians is that pain is inevitable and should be merely accepted. This is a fallacy. I am driven to do all I can to erdaciate this belief. Did you know that musicians have a higher rate of back pain than most of the population? There is a lot that the performing arts can learn from sports and vice versa.

The goal of all our programs is to train people so they can
 “Move Better, Live Better and Perform Better.”   
Your movement patterns are doing one of two things...making you better or making you worse. Every time you move or play you are either training healthy movement or reinforcing poor patterns.

But you can’t change what you don’t know and can’t feel. 
So OPT evaluates your movement and trains you to move better.
We use state of the art Biofeedback equipment so you can “see” how your muscles are working until you learn how to “feel” it on your own. Knowing what is holding you back is the beginning of moving you forward. The Movement Performance Center is here to help you and others develop and live a life rich in healthy movement so you can continue to perform and enjoy performing. 

Did you know that musicians have a higher rate of back pain than most of the population?  

Let's change that!!!

Contact us to set up an evalution
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We are looking to improve things for you as well as other artists in the future. Please participate in our research and complete a simple questionnaire.

PA Questionnaire

OPT provides clinics for groups 
and/or individual sessions depending on your time/needs.  We offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied and have not learned how to move better after our half-day clinic.

PDF form
Please complete and mail to 
Movement Performance Center
12676 Cobblestone Ct.
Manassas VA 20112
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