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Testomonial's: Life Performance and 
                        Work Performance Training
​"For several years I have suffered from an Auto Immune Disease which caused intense muscle and joint pain. I had very limited movement due to stiffness throughout my body. Conventional medicines were not working for me. However, Thankfully,Optimal Performance Training taught me exercises that have helped to alleviate most of my stiffness. Also, my mobility is greatly improved and my pain has subsided considerably.:

Pat Fortune 

" After falling on my hand off a chair at work, my wrist required surgery. I had absolutely no motion in my wrist when I first saw Carol. My thumb couldn't move either. I could do absolutely nothing with my left hand. It took lots work, patience and understanding; but Carol got me through it. I can now do about 90% of everything I want to with my hand and am thinking I will get more with some time. What amazed me was that despite my wrist being the primary diagnosis Carol  tended to everything that was impacted by the fall.  She made sure my neck regained full motion as well as my shoulder and educated me on the importance of each in order to regain full use of my left arm and hand. I certainly wish I never had to go through this experience, but I am certainly grateful that I went through it with a therapist so knowledgeable, thorough, compassionate and understanding as Carol Cantello."

Nadine Bryant

"I'm a hairdresser. It is a physically demanding job. Mostly because there is so little movement for me. A year ago I was going home everyday in pain. Since seeing Carol, I can catch myself in bad posture and correct it. I hardly ever leave work in pain now.. and when  I do I can get rid of it by altering my posture and doing a few stretches. No longer am I taking tons of anti-inflammatory medicine and lying down to get over it. As a bonus, my clothes fit better and I actully want to be more active!"

Sarah Andersen