Read how MPC's OPT program has helped these athletes rehabilitate  and/or perform better!
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Bryce Sampson
Ohio State 
Ben Hatchell
PRO Skateboard
Ben Snow
LaVar Arrington
Retired NFL football player
Ambassador for Injury Prevention USA Football
"We need to develop a way to get this training out to larger groups of athletes"  LaVar Arrington
"This is amazing stuff. I was never taught to move different.. I just went back into the weight room to get stronger moving the exact same way...I wish I knew about this back when I was playing."
                      LavAr Arrington
" I wish I had met Carol  sooner, she saved me from from surgery on two accounts " 
           Mike Pope

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I no longer have pain in my knees or shoulders and I am busting through personal bests in strength training" 
                                                     Mike Pope

"I thought I was done... my back hurt with everything I did.. and now I have no pain whatsoever... I didn't think it was possible and now I can do everything"
             Bryce Sampson
"Prior to training with OPT I had no idea how little control I had of my thorax or hips and how much that was effecting my performance. Not only was my rib cage not in neutral when I kicked, but my sternum was sticking straight out. I can't believe how much I have learned and how much it has helped me "                       Ben Snow

​Chris Pruden
"The whole body improvement that Kaitlyn made with Carol by learning how to move properly in everything she does has made her incredibly strong in mind and body. "
     Dawn Harvey

"Carol changed Kaitlyn’s
 life by giving her the correct rehabilitation, movement patterns and mental skills she needed to remain in the sports she loves. I am forever grateful to Carol and incredibly thankful that we found her. I wonder often where Kaitlyn would be today had we found Carol sooner"      
                Dawn Harvey
Morgan McKnight