Finding out what's holding you back is how we move you forward

Welcome to Movement Performance Center

Have you been to therapy multiple times, still have pain and feel it just doesn’t work?
Have you been to training camps, personal trainers, etc and feel your still not reaching your full potential?
Do you hurt frequently at work and avoid activities you used to enjoy?

At the Movement Performance Center, we teach skills for sport and skills for life! We know if you haven’t accurately identified what’s holding you back, you can’t move forward. We are experts at evaluating movement. We exist to help people move, live and perform better.

We provide the best Occupational Therapy in Gainesville, VA, Northern Virginia, and the surrounding areas.

We closely look at how you are moving now and the requirements of the things you are trying to do. We teach you skills to bridge that gap and then exceed it, so you have everything you need to be successful. We take people from feeling fragile, hopeless, and good to strong, resilient and remarkably successful. We get you back to moving, living, and performing well. We have programs for all types of needs from the person wanting to walk across the supermarket without pain to the person training for the Olympics. We tailor each of our programs to address your unique concerns and goals.

At MPC, we teach you movement patterns that keep you moving well for a lifetime, not just a season. We accomplish this by treating the cause of your pain, not just the site of your pain. We do this without drugs, needles, or surgery. Our integrated approach to therapy and training ensures your mind and body are functioning as a team so you can live the life of your dreams.

What Our Patients Say


We provide the best Occupational Therapy solutions

Occupational Therapist in Gainesville, VA

Optimal Performance

Do you love playing your sport, but are tired of chronic nagging injuries?

Have you been told that pain comes with the sport and your only choices are to quit or accept it?

Are you training hard, but want to learn how to excel further?

Would you like you body to be healthy and whole so you can make your dreams come true?

What if you could train to be your best without chronic pain?

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Occupational Therapist in Gainesville, VA

Life Performance

Have you had it with being told your pain is just a part of aging? What if that wasn’t true?

Are you apprehensive about shooting that ball, swinging that club, or walking that course this weekend?

Have you given up fun activities because you know you will pay for it for days or weeks to come?

Would you like your life back?

Would you like to learn skills to help you move well now and for decades to come?

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Occupational Therapist in Gainesville, VA

Work Performance

Do you have acute or chronic nagging pain in your neck, back or hands?

Do your shoulders feel like steel at the end of the day? Do you have headaches?

Do you have numbness or tingling in your hands?

Would you like to work and come home from work without this pain and discomfort?

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Occupational Therapist in Gainesville, VA

Clinics / Continuing Education

Are you looking to further your knowledge about movement?

We help therapists, coaches, athletic trainers, teams and groups learn how to move, live and perform better.

Our mission is to help as many people as we can to live their best life. So the more we help you, the more you can use your new skills to help others.

If you would like to learn from us to improve your professional skills and/or improve the skills of those you work/train with be sure to reach out to us. We can discuss what type of clinic, seminar or individual training will benefit you the most.

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